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The Soul Of Philadelphia was founded in August 2016 when Jerry Cummings The Classic Blue Note discovered talent that he felt needed to be produced. Mr. Cummings was told by his wife, Gloria Cummings, that he should pursue music again because she felt that he had so much to offer to this generation. Together they incorporated The Soul Of Philadelphia Music Inc. (TSOP Music, Inc).


Shortly thereafter, Mr. Cummings discovered a song he wrote in 1977 entitled “It’s My Pleasure” selling in the United Kingdom as well as several websites, including Hong Kong.  After he proved to the United Kingdom that he was indeed still alive and well, “It’s My Pleasure” was retrieved by TSOP MUSIC, INC and hit number one at the top of the European music chart.


It is with this Spirit that Mr. Cummings decided to call this new sound “Gospel Soul”.  TSOP MUSIC Family is serious about bringing you music that Inspires, Motivates and Empowers the Human Soul. It is to your spiritual benefit to listen and purchase these CD’s that have already been submitted to the Grammy Pro Society as of October 27, 2017. 

Remember, The Best Is Yet To Come.


Dr. Gloria Maria Cummings, Vice President


Interview from 1976 in Boston


The Soul Of Philadelphia