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This profound autobiography of Jerry Cummings is the true story of a child who was called at birth, a Child of Destiny.  An attempt to abort Jerry from his fourteen year old mother’s womb with turpentine and gin had failed. His grandmother Florence also recorded a song in 1955 as Jerry watched, called “C  C Rider”.  


Jerry Cummings who was raised around music and preachers as a child in Augusta Georgia knew at age four that he wanted to record music in a studio one day.  In 1961 Jerry was shipped off to Washington DC to live with his mother who took him to the Howard Theater to see the James Brown Revue, Otis Redding, The Temptations and the Motown Revue.  


In his early twenties, Jerry met Harold Melvin, Owner of Harold Melvin Enterprises in Philadelphia who heard his first tenor voice and asked him to become one of his Blue Notes in 1972 along with Teddy Pendergrass which he accepted.  It was at the Apollo Theater that he would meet Kool and the Gang, who influenced him to become a member of a religion that was very new to him called The Nation of Islam. But in 1997 at the age of forty-five years old Jerry Cummings aka Jeremiah Cummings went from Gold records to hearing the Glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ and began spreading His message “Wake up Everybody, the King is Here”!


This book is a must read available in the Spring of 2020.