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D'Angelo Smith is a College Graduate with a concentration in Theatre. In his high school years, he sang with Hoover High School Show choir in Hoover, Al. It was at this time where Nick landed his first major role as a dancer and singer in high school play entitled, "Music Man". From there on he continued to fulfill his love of acting.  He was an extra in the James Brown movie "Get on Up". He was a cast member in Jackson State's Black Nativity and had the role as the Scarecrow in The Wiz. He is also a KCACTF sound design nominee for Stickfly. This conference landed him an internship at Stagecraft Institute in Las Vegas. His next main role was in the production, The Drums of Sweetwater, as he played the character, Fred. Nick is also a member of the Jackson State University Dance Ensemble where they went off to compete in the Urban Dance Festival. Nick also performed with the Jackson State University, Sonic Boom of the South playing quads (drums). Just recently he has won a new award for sound design for the same production, Stickfly at NADSA.

Height: 6"0

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Black



D'Angelo has signed with J&G ENTERPRISES and Entertainment, was also chosen for The Last Note Standing stage play in the fall of 2019.

Jerry and Gloria Cummings
Email: tsop2018@gmail.com
Phone: 815-932-8444