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Without a doubt, one of the biggest soul acts of the mid-70s was Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes, and singer Jerry Cummings The Last Note Standing was a big part of the mix. These days, Jerry works with younger artists as a “music and life coach,” and remains active in the music world. Recently after singing to the late Teddy Pendergrass's mother Ida Pendergrass on her 100th Birthday and recording again such hits as "No One Compares To You" and What A Woman Jerry has been encouraged by thousands of fans to return back to the studio's and fulfill his long time dream of Playing the Royal Albert Hall in London England with their Symphony.

Jerry is now releasing a long lost solo song that was recorded during the Blue Notes’ heyday in 1978, but which was never formally issued. “It’s My Pleasure” is a classic Philly-style ballad, with Cummings’ first tenor sounds just terrific as it guides the listeners through the track.

Jerry is also CEO and Founder of The Soul of Philadelphia Music Inc. in Chicago Illinois that has Produced X Factor Sensation Lillie McCloud and Harold Melvin's Blue notes just last year in 2018.

Jerry Cummings is now pulling “It’s My Pleasure” from the vaults and issuing it anew. It’s always nice to hear a sweet song like this unearthed, and we hope SoulTrackers will enjoy it as much as we are.  Check out “It’s My Pleasure” below, and welcome the sweet sounds of Jerry Cummings.

Jerry Cummings – “It’s My Pleasure”


All Songs Written and Produced by Jerry Cummings

The Other Part Of Me
No One Compares To You
Its My Pleasure
All I Do Is Think Of You
He Loves You